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Fashion Uniforms

we believe that the look of personnel is very important for the success of a company.
We aim to be your business partner for the style of your company.

“..Made in Italy means that very italian skill to provide functional design”

Fashion Uniforms cares about Your Company

We will attentively study your graphics, colours and the atmosphere of your offices or retail areas. According to this and to your specific requirements we’ll be able to provide you with the right uniforms for your company’s needs along with the best fabrics.

Fashion Uniforms may be your advisor for corporate style and fashion image. Sometimes, improving the look of your personnel makes the difference.
Fashion Uniforms can also provide fully customized uniforms.
Either uniforms are tailored on the basis of your own design or we may design them for you.

Our Italian designers will design the most elegant uniforms for your business, providing you with sketches that are uniquely thought for you.
Utmost care is given to every single detail: a beautiful black dress or jacket will become unique with the addition of a silk broach flower handmade in Italy for you..

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